Phones and Accessories

LanguageLine Solutions® over-the-phone interpreters can be accessed from any phone, however we offer additional phone equipment for when you are face-to-face with a limited English proficient individual in order to facilitate access and save you time. As a valued

LanguageLine Solutions client, you have the option to order a variety of equipment to fit the needs of your organization. Some of the equipment carries a modest monthly maintenance fee and other equipment can be purchased for a low flat rate.

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Familiarize yourself with the available phone equipment options below to determine what kind of equipment you might need at your organization. Engage your Telecom department so they can help you review the equipment and make sure that it will be compatible with the area where you want to connect the equipment since some of the equipment below works when connected to an analog jack (a single line phone) or a digital, Internet Protocol “IP” jack (a multiline phone).



• Analog phone gives you quick access to quality interpreters through pre-programmed buttons and eliminates the need to pass a handset back and forth
• Individual handset volume control and speaker capability with volume control
• Phones are labeled with step-by-step access instructions
• Non-Volatile permanent dial out memory



• The DECT 6.0 GHz analog phone gives you quick access to quality interpreters by dialing your assigned toll-free #, and eliminates the need to pass a handset back and forth
• Speaker capability and volume control
• Phones are labelled with step-by-step access instructions




• Allows you to convert your existing desktop phone into a dual handset phone similar to the one described above, can be ordered separately
• Handsets are labelled with step-by-step access instructions
• The handset works with single or multi-line phones (including most IP phones)




An accessory that allows you to split an analog jack from the wall so two analog phones can share the same line






An accessory that can be connected to the cordless phone so users can be “hands-free” if needed while talking with limited English proficient individuals




• An accessory that allows you to convert a digital line into an analog line to connect either the 1SOLUTION Dual Handset Phone or the Panasonic Cordless Phone
• Recommended for dual handset phones that will stay connected to the same jack and are not going to be moved around
• Compatible with Avaya, AT&T, Lucent, Nortel, Norstar, Rolm, and Meridian digital phone systems


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