Response to Emergencies

Our Interpreters Help You Communicate Even In The Most Urgent Situations

LanguageLine Solutions was originally created by a police officer to meet the needs of public safety personnel who faced language barriers in the field. The original service soon began providing services on-demand, 24/7/365.  Today, no other language services provider can offer the depth and scale of 911 experience and professional interpreter support that LanguageLine Solutions brings to customers.

The emergency services we offer:

• Interpreters Trained for 911:  Any interpreter handling a 911 call is required to complete our proprietary 911 Interpreter Training Program, developed to prepare interpreters for the rigors and nuances unique to emergency interpreting.  With a full understanding of the nature and needs of PSAPs, interpreters are more effective partners for PSAP staff and 911 callers.

•  High Volume 911 Experience:  LanguageLine Services interpreters support over 2,000 Public Safety Answer Points (PSAPs) across North America, with over 3 million emergency calls annually.  Our interpreters have the real world experience—every day– that helps PSAPs serve their communities, regardless of language.

•  Volume Surge Staffing:  Our Volume Surge Team helps manage interpreter resources through extraordinary events that trigger demand for interpreter services, like hurricanes, earthquakes or even breaking news.  The Volume Surge Team mobilizes departments across the company to assess the event, expected call volumes and need for specific languages.  The team then manages our interpreter resources accordingly to minimize impact to service levels.

•  911 Industry Leadership:  LanguageLine Solutions actively participates in the leading 911 industry groups at the national and state levels, establishing a two-way platform to collect customer input as well as to provide language and cultural training to PSAP managers and staff.

Business Continuity Plan

LanguageLine Solutions has developed and documented a comprehensive Business Continuity program. This program provides fully redundant systems at all levels of operation to provide customers with dependable, 24 / 7 / 365 interpreting services and the ability to continue supporting customers through catastrophic events.

During normal operation, the workload is managed through our main operational center in Monterey, California. In the event of an unforeseen equipment malfunction or catastrophic event at the primary center, calls are immediately routed to our back-up location in the Chicago area since all of the vital systems described in the previous response are duplicated at the Chicago center. This system provides customers with 100% telecommunications and database redundancy.

Our business continuity plan is regularly tested and personnel are trained in shifting service to this location in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, or unforeseen equipment failures.