LanguageLine Announces Interpreting for Telehealth

Breakthrough advancement affirms company’s commitment to being the world’s leading provider of interpretation for telemedicine

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LanguageLine Puts the Power of 10,000 Interpreters in Users’ Pockets with New Android App


MONTEREY, CA – June 17, 2019 – LanguageLine Solutions® has added an Android application to its mobile lineup, putting the power of more than 10,000 world-class interpreters in users’ pockets.

LanguageLine pioneered the on-demand mobile interpreting market in 2016 with the launch of its InSight℠ Interpreting application, making the world’s largest, most experienced linguist team instantly accessible via the touch of a button.

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LanguageLine’s Scott W. Klein Wins Prestigious American Business Award for Executive of the Year

MONTEREY, CA – November 6, 2018LanguageLine Solutions® President and Chief Executive Officer Scott W. Klein has won a prestigious American Business Award for Executive of the Year, the company announced. Also known as the Stevie Awards, the ABAs are considered to be the United States’ most esteemed business awards.

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LanguageLine Wins Prestigious American Business Award for Best Mobile App

MONTEREY, CA – May 24, 2018LanguageLine Solutions® has landed an esteemed American Business Award for Best App & Mobile Website, the company announced. Also known as the Stevie Awards, the ABAs are thought by many to be the United States’ most prestigious business awards.

LanguageLine took home a 2018 Silver Stevie for its revolutionary InSight® for Smartphones mobile application, which puts the power of 9,000 interpreters in users’ pockets.

In 2016, LanguageLine redefined the language-access industry with the launch of its InSight application, a next-generation video-and-audio solution for the iPad and desktop. The app replaced the need for phone lines or specialized equipment, making professional linguists available on demand with just one touch.

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LanguageLine® InSight℠ Garners Rave Reviews from Users

MONTEREY, CA – June 13, 2017 – In March, LanguageLine Solutions® added a “How Did We Do?” enhancement to its InSight Video Interpreting application, empowering clients to rate their experience at the end of a call and providing the LanguageLine team with valuable instant feedback. With three months of data collected, users report being very pleased with the revolutionary app, which redefined the language access industry when it was first launched last summer.

InSight is a mobile application that provides one-touch access to nearly 9,000 trained interpreters through video and audio calls. Starting in March 2017, InSight began prompting users to score just-concluded sessions on a scale of 1-to-5 stars, with five being the highest rating. Over the subsequent three months, LanguageLine handled tens of thousands of InSight calls, with users awarding an average score of 4.6 stars.

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