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Free Download:  Interpreter Recruiting, Training, Testing and Quality Assurance

Learn about how we screen, hire, and deliver the best interpreters in the industry.

Understanding the quality of LanguageLine's interpreters separates us from other language service providers. We take great pride and intense care to select only the very best linguists to become a LanguageLine employee. We understand that the interpreter is a critical element in the care you deliver to your customers or your patients. 

So how do you know which factors are most important when choosing your language service provider?  We know it's the interpreter quality.  We hire only the very best who already possess the highest interpreter qualifcations.  We don't depend on a couple of weeks of training.  We depend on the skill and talent the interpreter brings to us. Our interpreters consider this a career, not just a job.

Our free paper will help you:

  • Understand how we recruit and hire the best
  • How we test and train to ensure the highest quality
  • Our monitoring and quality assurance

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Interpreter Quality