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Interpreter Stories

Real Stories by Real Interpreters

The depth and the breadth of the service that LanguageLine interpreters provide is captured on these pages.

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Ashi F.

Hebrew Interpreter: The call came in late at night, 11:30 pm to be exact. The nurse on the other end of the line apologized. “I’m sorry, but we couldn’t find an interpreter. It’s a holiday and they all seem to …
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Ayan A.

Somali Interpreter: I had a 911 call and there was a child bleeding heavily and was short of breath. His mother was screaming and crying and scared. So, when I got the call the 9-1-1 service told me the mother …
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Cari F.

Spanish Interpreter: Several weeks ago, there was a call that really impacted me. The limited English proficient (LEP) person had cancer and was having a lot of problems trying to get a loan from her 401k. She started crying because …
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Claudia T.

Spanish Interpreter: I made a difference on this call. As interpreters, we receive several calls each day from financial institutions that are working with clients on the verge of losing their homes. The modification process can be extremely difficult to …
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Elke L.

Spanish Interpreter: I was interpreting for an insurance company’s female claims representative. The limited English proficient person was a mother whose son had attempted to commit suicide by driving his car over a cliff. When the mother reported the incident …
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Evelina S.

Russian Intepreter: There are so many people I come across in my life. Many of those ones become my soul friends, others just come and go; and only a few of them leave a deep trace in my life: first …
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Tigrinya Interpreter

Tigrinya Interpreter: I received a 9-1-1 call concerning a pregnant woman who was ready to deliver her baby. She was escorted to the nearest hospital early in the morning, around 6 am. She was then sent back home because her cervix …
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Hasina S.

Hindi Interpreter: It was a hysterical seventeen year old boy calling on behalf of his sister-in-law. They were home alone. She was in active labor — just moments away from delivery. The dispatcher asked the interpreter to reassure the boy …
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Manisha D.

Hindi and Marathi Interpreter: Throughout the last seven years, I have been doing interpretation for all different industries such as banking, insurance, medical, legal, telecom, airlines, customer service and other fields with LanguageLine Solutions.  I enjoy my job and am thankful to LanguageLine …
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Mario C.

Spanish Interpreter: 45 minutes of a miracle interpreted. It was during this year’s heavy winter storms that hit the East Coast. It was just past 2 in the morning and what seemed like a regular night of taking normal medical …
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Mouloud Z.

Arabic Interpreter: As interpreters, we are called upon to interpret various calls that deal with very different situations, some of which can be extremely serious and emotional, others very light and funny. One call that stands out for me is …
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Nurten P.

Turkish Interpreter: My view on this theme is a little different. I believe that we, as interpreters, make a difference on each and every call we take. During my two years employment with LanguageLine Solutions, I have taken many unusual …
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Ruben P.

Spanish Interpreter: Some time ago, I interpreted a call from an auto insurance company in which the client, an adjuster, wanted to get further details about an accident.  I am used to these types of calls. The adjuster asks questions …
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Sophia H.

Hindi Interpreter: It was Christmas Eve 2011 when I received a call from a police department. They had found an elderly lady dressed in ethnic, Indian attire, walking aimlessly on the neighborhood streets. The police officer wanted me to ask …
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Suha N.

Arabic Interpreter: This call was the most wonderful call that I ever had. A nurse called me around 12:10 AM saying that she had a female in labor, and she needed my help to interpret the instructions for her because …
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Thi S.

Thi S.

Vietnamese Interpreter: Recently, I had a chance to interpret for a gentleman. It was a case of serious misunderstanding. The limited English proficient (LEP) person said one day he had a very bad case of chest pain. It was so …
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Vicky V.

Spanish Interpreter: This call affected me greatly due to the severity of the accident. The call began with the insurance adjuster calling the insured to verify how he and his family were doing after the accident. The insured responded by …
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Vimal N.

Vimal N.

Hindi Interpreter: It is gratifying to know that with every call we, the Interpreters, make a difference whether the call is about a bank balance enquiry or life insurance questions. But there are calls that stay with you long after …
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Yan-Yan Su

Yan Yan S.

Mandarin Chinese Interpreter: You may find this hard to believe. Once, I did an over the phone interpretation for a patient who could not speak at all. Here is the true story. I picked up the phone and a nurse …
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