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Claudia T.

Claudia-Tori.jpgSpanish Interpreter:

I made a difference on this call. As interpreters, we receive several calls each day from financial institutions that are working with clients on the verge of losing their homes.

The modification process can be extremely difficult to understand for many limited English proficient (LEP) homeowners.

On this particular call, the bank representative explained to the LEP that, due to his income, modification was not an option and that he needed to consider a short sale. The Spanish speaking gentlemen explained that he had invested all of his savings from the past 26 years into the house and that he did not want to lose it.

He had had a heart attack from working two jobs and he was taking care of his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law, plus his wife and daughter. I tried to convey, through my voice, intonation and expression, the gentleman’s feelings to the bank representative and slowly, but surely, his attitude changed and he gave the client the opportunity to save his home.

After many questions were asked, the representative agreed to help him reapply for a modification and work directly with his case to see what could be done. It was a very positive result and all of us who were part of the conversation had a feeling of satisfaction and enthusiasm at the end of the call.

I think that through my interpretation I did contribute, even a little bit, to make a difference for this family that was going through a very difficult situation. As interpreters, we help to improve people’s lives one call at a time!