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Evelina S.

Evelina-Semizyan.jpgRussian Intepreter:

There are so many people I come across in my life. Many of those ones become my soul friends, others just come and go; and only a few of them leave a deep trace in my life: first teacher, first love, first baby and so on. This 84 year-old man over the phone has been added to the above list as well; and he will be definitely unforgettable.
This man lost the only true friend: his wife; and, on the 15th anniversary since her death, he decided to cut his wrist longing for her. It did not sound so painful for me at the very beginning of the call. However, the more I was interpreting the conversation between him and the doctor, the more sensitive I was getting.

In the blink of the moment I had a knot in my stomach, and I was ready to end the call. The words started being swollen by the tear wave and my mind was incapable to help this man cure his wife’s breast cancer and bring her back to life.

I started losing the verbal “ground.” However, the patient’s wise and calm voice was encouraging me to proceed. As a result, I realized that the only help I could give him at that tragic moment was to interpret. I had a few sips of already cold coffee and continued talking and talking and talking as if I needed that help and support to go on with this life and to continue enjoying it.

To end I would like to close it up with this man’s elated words: “I would like to shake the hand of the doctor who saved my life!”