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Hasina S.

hasina-sojar.jpgHindi Interpreter:

It was a hysterical seventeen year old boy calling on behalf of his sister-in-law. They were home alone. She was in active labor — just moments away from delivery. The dispatcher asked the interpreter to reassure the boy that help was on its way. As the dispatcher started to ask the safety questions, we realized that the mom to be was still wearing her pants. She was reluctant to remove her pants with the help of and in front of her brother-in-law due to her cultural and religious beliefs. Both, dispatcher and I were desperately urging her to allow her brother-in-law to help her as the baby was about to come out and there was a grave danger of suffocation. I was begging her to let go of her inhibitions for the sake of her baby. At the same time we were also trying to calm the brother-in-law down and giving him instructions. Thank God we were able to convince her to uncross her legs and to have her pants removed just in time. Thankfully the crew arrived and took over.

Both the dispatcher and I were overcome with mixed emotions after the call. Working together as a team and by keeping our cool we were able to avert a potential tragedy.