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Manisha D.

Manisha-Dikholhar.jpgHindi and Marathi Interpreter:

Throughout the last seven years, I have been doing interpretation for all different industries such as banking, insurance, medical, legal, telecom, airlines, customer service and other fields with LanguageLine Solutions. 

I enjoy my job and am thankful to LanguageLine Solutions for giving me an opportunity. One day I got a call from a government office and the limited English proficient (LEP) person was also present:

Representative: “Interpreter please ask the lady why she is here today.” I asked the LEP woman the reason for her being there.

LEP woman: “I am here because I want to know why I have not been getting my benefits for the last three months.”

Representative: “Tell me your first and last name, your address, date of birth, social security number, your mother’s maiden name and your telephone number.” The LEP provided all the information.

Representative: “Give me a moment and I will check in the system about why you have not received your benefits.” After a moment, the representative said: “You have not received your benefit because our records show that you are dead.”

The LEP said, with great surprise, “Dead? What do you mean by dead? I don’t understand if I should cry or I should laugh.”

Representative: “Let me call the other office and confirm the information.”

After a moment, the representative said, “The other office also shows the same information and there is a death certificate also.”

LEP woman: “It was my husband who died three months ago and it is his death certificate and not mine. I am very much alive and in front of you.”

Representative: “Oh, now I understand. There was some misunderstanding and miscommunication and that’s how this mistake happened. Now I will correct it and we will start giving you your benefits.”

The LEP was extremely happy and thanked the representative and me for pointing out the mistake. I was also very happy and satisfied with my job which gave me an opportunity to make a difference in another’s life.