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Nurten P.

Nurten-Pellack.jpgTurkish Interpreter:

My view on this theme is a little different. I believe that we, as interpreters, make a difference on each and every call we take.

During my two years employment with LanguageLine Solutions, I have taken many unusual and interesting calls. My personal experiences range from a wedding ceremony to a still-born birth, from happy situations to dramatic, sad calls or life-threatening situations as we take 911 or 999 calls.

The most unusual call that I have ever received was a wedding ceremony. This call came during the morning hours, through an automated connection. I had been taking a series of court case interpreting calls and assumed that it was another one. Without providing any background information, the mayor instructed me to begin interpretation: “We are gathered here for a wedding ceremony.”

I was dumbfounded at first. Did I hear him correctly? I did not want to interrupt the mayor during his speech to ask for confirmation. As he proceeded, without pausing, I realized that I (as a voice) was also in front of the wedding crowd. I got very excited, as if I was getting married myself.

As the mayor uttered wedding vows, I had to repeat them for the bride and the groom separately. After finalizing the wedding vows, the crowd cheered and my duty was over. I wished the couple ‘good luck’, as the mayor did and he thanked me for my services. I believe that, as an interpreter, I am also a part of their new life as a married couple.