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Sophia H.

Sophia-Hussain.jpgHindi Interpreter:

It was Christmas Eve 2011 when I received a call from a police department. They had found an elderly lady dressed in ethnic, Indian attire, walking aimlessly on the neighborhood streets.

The police officer wanted me to ask her identifying questions in her native language. She sounded scared, nervous and disoriented in the presence of the police officer. I assured her that the police officer was going to help her and she should not be afraid.

With great hesitation, she gave me her name but was unable to give any more information about her family or her address. She kept chanting ‘Vahi Guru’ (God). I immediately knew she belonged to the Sikh Community and suggested to the officer to contact the local Sikh temple where they could find her family.

The officer drove her to the temple where she was recognized as a devotee and soon reunited with her family. Thus, on this call I made a little difference.