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Thi S.

Thi-Nguyen-Simone.jpgVietnamese Interpreter:

Recently, I had a chance to interpret for a gentleman. It was a case of serious misunderstanding.

The limited English proficient (LEP) person said one day he had a very bad case of chest pain. It was so bad that he could not stand up. He had to crawl and tried to call 911. He tried several times and the police came, misunderstood the situation, and put him in jail.

After 6 months in jail, he lost his job because of his jail record. The first time I interpreted for him with a police psychologist, the conversation seemed very normal and, at the end, the psychologist asked me how I felt about the way he answered the questions. I said that the LEP answered the questions very straightforward and appropriately.

Then, about 3 weeks later, I again interpreted for the same gentleman, and this time I felt so good because this time the company that he used to work for now wanted to hire him back.

I felt so happy for him and he was so thankful for my interpretation because he said “You accurately interpreted what I wanted to say and you have saved me and my family.”

I felt so liberated and very happy for him. This job has given me a very good feeling and is very rewarding every day. Thank you LanguageLine Solutions.