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Vimal N.

Vimal-Nikore.jpgHindi Interpreter:

It is gratifying to know that with every call we, the Interpreters, make a difference whether the call is about a bank balance enquiry or life insurance questions.

But there are calls that stay with you long after you put down the receiver, the calls that awaken the Deep Soul Energy in a moment of empathy, where in words and the silence in-between them, you want to convey “I am with you, I feel your pain.”

That ultimate pain that you pray no one is ever subjected to. Such was the call that I took — A four year old girl, in a deep coma, from a freak accident. The decision to take her off life support, to donate her organs.

As I interpreted, I could not help but visualize the picture of the mother, those sad, hollowed eyes, heaving breath, the dark impenetrable wall of helplessness, where you can neither understand what is being said nor convey.

This call lent a different sense of “worth” to my profession as an interpreter. But did I make a difference? I sincerely hope I did. I hope she felt that I was with her in my spirit & prayers – sharing her pain and her tears.