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Audio Transcription and Recording

At LanguageLine we are proud to support communication in all formats, including audio transcription. Our team of Project Managers in collaboration with our qualified translators are able provide audio to text transcription and translation in over 200 different languages.

As with all of our solutions we pride ourselves on the quality of the delivered product, as such with audio transcriptions we tend to state that on average a 5 minute audio recording could take up to 1 hour to transcribe. Our specially trained transcribes will listen to the recording pausing word for word ensuring that each word is transcribed accurately and fits the context of the document.

How can LanguageLine help?

Our experience spans 25 years of working with a wide array of organisations across both the public and private sector. This experience has allowed us to develop a complete transcription for our customers; guaranteeing quality, consistency and value.

At LanguageLine our transcription solution covers a number formats, ensuring that we are in a position to assist you, whatever your requirement.

  • Direct Translation This is simply the translation of one language in an audio recording into another.
  • Dual Text Transcription You receive a transcription of both the spoken language and an audio translation into your requested language.
  • Text Transcription You receive a transcription of the same language the audio is spoken in.

Audio Recording

At LanguageLine we are able to provide voiceover and audio recordings in both English and foreign languages in a variety of audio formats.

Our team of Project Managers have been able to assist organisations in a wide range of scenarios with audio recordings, including;

  • Call Centre Scripting
  • Audio Books
  • Tour Guides
  • Voiceovers
  • Welcome Messages and Greetings
  • Recordings for People with Sight Problems
  • Recordings for People with Learning Difficulties

Audio recordings can provide you with a modern and professional method of engaging with your audience.

Our Team

When choosing to work with LanguageLine we provide you with the complete language solution, no matter the size or scale of project.

You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will work with you to assess your language requirements and what you are looking to achieve with your project. They will be on hand throughout the duration of your project and can easily be contacted via email or telephone should you have any queries.

Our Translators are highly qualified, experienced and importantly tested against our strict recruitment criteria to ensure they are suitable to translate transcription projects. Not all translators are suitable for transcription; transcription requires attention to detail and good listening skills. We take this seriously and as our recruitment statistics suggest only 8% of applicants meet our stringent recruitment criteria.

To find out more on how LanguageLine Solutions can help you communicate in over 200 languages please contact us today.

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