At LanguageLine we are able to offer our customers a Desktop Publishing solution which allows you to replicate the format of your source documents into the language of your customer.

Commonly referred to as “DTP” Desktop Publishing uses design software to professionally format translated text to appear in an identical format and design as the original source file.

Adding the value

By utilising our DTP service you will provide your limited English speaker with a document that will be professionally presented in a format consistent with your original source documents.

This consistency throughout your communications will illustrate your commitment to providing a quality service for your customers, regardless of language spoken.

Why LanguageLine?

Our 20 years’ experience in the translations industry has allowed us to assist organisations all over the United Kingdom with projects that have ranged in size, content, format and language.

As a LanguageLine customer you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will work with you to assess your language requirements and what you are looking to achieve from your project.

They will be on hand throughout the duration of your project and can easily be contacted via email or telephone should you have any queries.

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