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Document Translation

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Translate Documents From English Into More Than 200 Languages

Our team of highly skilled project managers and translators enable organisations and individuals to communicate every day in over 200 different languages through various forms of media.

Whether you are an NHS hospital with a website to translate, a law firm that needs contracts to be translated for multiple parties, or a housing association preparing tenant manuals, LanguageLine Solutions can help you achieve your objectives.

What is document translation?

A document translation is the professional translation of one language into another. Professional translators translate documents to and from English into any other language that may be required to reach your target audience.

A translation can be applied to any form of document, whether it is a tangible document such as letters and manuals or some form of media such as websites, audio recordings, video recordings or emails.

How much does a document translation cost?

When purchasing document translations the quality of the project should always be the first priority. We ensure that your projects are tested to verify that the project is not only translated accurately but also localised to that of the target market.

Did you know that not all dual language speakers are able to translate documents professionally; in fact only a small percentage of applicants meet our stringent recruitment tests.

Once our Project Managers have had access to your document they are then able to quote a price based on the number of words within the document, the number or rarity of languages required, if any typesetting is required and the time frame in which the project must be completed.

Industries Served

At LanguageLine Solutions, we have over 20 year’s experience in delivering written translations to organisations in various sectors, some of which include:

  • NHS
  • Police
  • Central & Local Government
  • Social Housing Providers
  • Marketing and PR Agencies
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • IT Service Providers

Our Project Managers

The delivery of translation services is directly managed by a team of highly qualified Project Managers who have the responsibility for ensuring that all projects meet each client’s time and quality objectives.

The team completes hundreds of translation projects each month, with agreements in place with some of the largest and most prestigious organisations within the UK and Europe. As a result of the breadth and volume of work undertaken, the translations team has a strong understanding of the requirements and challenges faced by a wide range of organisations across all sectors. This experience enables them to work in partnership with you to develop a tailored service that truly meets the needs of all stakeholders whilst maximising the potential for cost and time efficiencies that are crucial in a challenging economic environment.

Why choose LanguageLine Solutions?

With so many translation companies to choose from it is important that you choose the company that best meets your translation requirements. Here are a few reasons why LanguageLine Solutions should be your number one choice:

  • More than 20 years experience helps us provide you with only the highest quality translation
  • Every job is assigned a named Project Manager to tailor a solution that meets the needs of the individual
  • We offer a range of translation formats to cater for all written, audio and web based requirements
  • Only 8% of translators meet our stringent recruitment criteria
  • Our industry experienced linguists not only translate your material but ensure that the context is applicable to your target market
  • Our translators are highly qualified and members of relevant professional bodies
  • Our services are ISO certified as a testament to the quality you will experience
  • Your translation is as important to LanguageLine Solutions as it is to you.


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