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Document Translation

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Translate Documents Into Over 200 Languages

Our team of highly skilled project managers and translators enable organisations and individuals to communicate safely, efficiently and with confidence, every day, through the translation of documents into over 200 different languages.

Established for over 30 years, LLS offers a full suite of translation solutions, from simple projects, to more complex requirements; localisation for technical documentation, eLearning, on-line applications, software, multi-cultural marketing, video and more. Whilst many translation vendors choose to specialise in specific areas, LLS has the experience and resource to offer specialisation across multiple disciplines.

Highest Quality

LLS is ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.  We offer clients confidence and data security at all times as a matter of course.  

Turnaround Time

No matter the size or complexity of the project, we will work with you to design a solution to meet your requested turnaround time.

Who do we serve?
Whether you are an NHS hospital with a website to translate, a law firm that needs contracts translated across multiple languages, a manufacturer operating across continents or a housing association preparing tenant manuals, LanguageLine Solutions can help you achieve your objectives.
  • General Business Needs - Product information, customer communication, employee materials, training
  • Health Care - vital documents, discharge instructions, notices of eligibility, patient forms
  • Financial Services - loan documents, contracts, mortgage papers, financial applications, account statements, credit reports
  • Insurance - claims forms, policy information, accident reports
  • Government - notices of rights, consent, complaints; letters requiring a response; applications; public outreach information
  • Retail – packaging, marketing, training
One-Stop Solution
A centralised production team enables LLS to operate with superior communication, control and coordination, allowing us to offer prompt responses and rapid turnaround times.

Our team completes hundreds of translation projects each month, for some of the largest and most diverse organisations within the UK, Europe and globally. As a result of the breadth and volume of work undertaken, LLS’ translations team has a strong understanding of the requirements and challenges faced by a wide range of organisations across all sectors.

This experience enables our translators to work in partnership with you to develop a tailored service that truly meets the needs of all stakeholders whilst maximising the potential to realise cost and time efficiencies.

‘The speed of response, the attention to detail, the help and advice provided have all been first class’.

- BT Global Services

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