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Reach Out to New Markets With Localisation Services

It is easy to believe that because you are a business operating in the United Kingdom, your website, documents or software only need to reach the English speaking population.

However if you would like to engage with the estimated 6 million limited English speaking people living in the United Kingdom it is essential that your organisation considers the localisation of its products.

Studies have shown that consumers are much more likely to buy products online if the product information is in their native language. The European Commission found that 82% of consumers were less likely to buy goods online if the site was not in their native language. Whilst on a global scale the Common Sense Advisory found that 73% of consumers held the same opinion.

Whilst we understand that consumers are wary of websites not translated into their native language, we also understand the importance and risks associated with ensuring that the context of the site reflects the cultural differences of the reader.

How can we help?

At LanguageLine Solutions we can help your organisation reach those people in the United Kingdom whose native language is not English and also target markets outside of the UK that may have previously been inaccessible due to perceived language difficulties.

By working closely with you we can accurately adapt your documents and materials to suit both your requirements and the cultural and language requirements of the specific target audience you have identified.

Website localisation demands complete accuracy, specialist cultural knowledge and a high level of organisation. We work closely with our clients to make sure these requirements are met. Our team of Proofreaders and Translators are led by experienced Project Managers who will work with you to deliver high quality localisation. The result will be a project that is accurate and looks and feels as if the content was originally written in the target language.

Over more than 20 years of providing localisation services we have completed thousands of projects covering a wide range of formats including:

  • Documents
  • Software
  • Content management systems
  • Websites and other online applications
  • Automated work flow technology
  • Multimedia applications
  • Training materials
  • Online help systems

LanguageLine Solutions offers you the ability to complete complex multi-language projects on time with the superior quality you would expect.

If you need quality assurance testing (hardware & software), integration of content management solutions, flash engineering, internationalisation consulting or any of the services listed above please contact us today.

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