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Multimedia, Flash and Web Services

Multimedia, flash and web services

In today’s media based world information is accessed all over the world in many different formats. The days of receiving information only in a letter or email are behind us. Many organisations are taking advantage of the opportunity to reach millions of customers through the use of various multimedia outputs.

After deciding to invest time and money into multimedia technology it is important that the message translates for your customers across the world. LanguageLine has worked with organisations across the globe to ensure that their message is never lost in translation.

In addition to all forms of web applications we have translated many other outputs for organisations such as:

  • Interactive software
  • Video formats
  • Audio formats
  • Marketing communications
  • Learning applications
  • Games and animations
  • IVR scripts

Unlike traditional localisation, multimedia localisation requires experts with additional skill sets for audio or video text adaption, script translation and professional voice talent recording. A healthy dose of software engineering is also needed. Fortunately, LanguageLine Solutions in house engineering team specialises in all types of multimedia localisation.

A partial list of tools and applications with which we work includes:

  • Graphic tools including Photoshop, FreeHand, CorelDraw, Illustrator & AutoCAD
  • Dreamweaver, Flash, Director, LiveMotion, Carrara  and AfterEffects
  • Simulation tools
  • Interactive learning tools
  • Video formats
  • Audio formats

To find out how our experienced team can assist you with your multimedia translation contact us today by email, call us on 0800 169 2879 or get a quote now by clicking below.

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