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Turn Around Time

At LanguageLine we aim to work with you to meet any specific turn around requests that you have. The sensitive nature of language translation means that projects should not be hurried unless in extreme circumstances and done so by qualified and experienced translators.

If projects are unnecessarily rushed it may lead to grammatical errors and inconsistencies that result in miscommunication of information. The LanguageLine translation team will always work with you to best meet your turnaround requirements on each and every project.

The time in which document translations can be completed will vary from project to project due to the number of factors that can affect the time in which we complete your project including;

Word Count The average translator can translate between 1700-2500 words a day, depending on the complexity of the document. No matter the size of the document  we ensure that only one translator works on the project to ensure both the consistency and the quality of the translation.

Language It is well known that some languages are rarer than others and as such qualified translators for certain languages may be in higher demand.

Complexity If the document is complex in either layout or the number of languages requested, additional time will be needed to ensure that we ensure the consistency of the document and the level of quality that we set ourselves.

Rush service

There may come a time when you require a translation project urgently and standard turnaround time frames do not meet the demands of your project. Our Project Managers are able to offer a rush service whereby depending on a number of factors such as; the length of your project, languages required and complexity of the document the time in which we complete your project may be reduced for an additional cost.

If your project is time sensitive and you would like more information on how we can help you communicate with your customers then get in touch by clicking below,

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