Words Contain Worlds: Saluting Interpreters and Translators

LanguageLine interpretation and translation

September 30 was christened “International Translation/Interpretation Day” by the United Nations in 1991. Since then, the date has been used to commemorate the role translators and interpreters play in connecting nations, as well as fostering peace, understanding, and development.

For nearly 40 years, we at LanguageLine Solutions have had a front-row seat to witness the miraculous work that linguists do each day. There is quite literally no sector of life that they don’t impact for the better.

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How to Use Your Phone's Conference-Call Feature to Connect with an Interpreter

Use conference call feature to reach an interpreter

Until recently, accessing an interpreter was typically done in one of two ways. Either an interpreter physically joined an onsite meeting, or individuals in the same location (like a doctor and a patient) would use their phone or a video conference to bring an interpreter into the conversation.

Today’s environment and the growing need for language support have some people perplexed. How can they incorporate an interpreter if all three parties (for example, the doctor, the patient, and the interpreter) are in three different locations? Is this even possible?

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A message from our interpreters...

Interpreter video

We search the world over for the finest linguists to join our team of more than 17,000 interpreters and translators. We always say that LanguageLine is a communications company that is enabled by technology. We are human at our core, and our linguists are our heartbeat.

One of our brilliant interpreters, Christina Herold, reached out recently. She asked if our interpreters could say something to the public with whom they’ve been working so closely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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LanguageLine Solutions UK to Make Significant Donation to Protect Healthcare Workers

nurse-with-mask1 (1)

LanguageLine Solutions, the world’s largest provider of on-demand interpretation, is set to make a significant donation to Direct Relief, an organisation that provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to health workers and NHS Charities Together in the UK.

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LanguageLine COVID-19 Business Continuity Update


LanguageLine Solution’s services – the services with which it supports you and the people that you in turn support every day, have been purposely designed with the very highest levels of business continuity built-in.

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What Content Should Your Organisation Translate During the COVID-19 Health Emergency?


During a period in which there is an urgent need to distribute information about coronavirus (COVID-19), it is vital to remember the diverse cultural population of this UK. 

A natural question for healthcare providers, government agencies, and businesses would be, “What content should I prioritise having translated?”

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LanguageLine Solutions (UK) Business Continuity during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Update 10th March 2020

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Can Limited-English Speakers Use Telehealth/video consultations? The Answer is ‘Yes.’..

Limited English speakers can use telehealth LanguageLine

The use of telehealth or video consultations is rapidly expanding. Particularly during a health emergency in which the risk of infection is high and the need for care is urgent, physicians are seeking to meet with patients remotely using virtual telehealth solutions.

Given the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19), some healthcare providers can facilitate a remote consultation with their patients from a distance via video-conferencing platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, as well as traditional telemedicine platforms.

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CASE STUDY: Cancer Centre Implements Video Interpreting for On-Demand Language Access




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We’re MedTech Visionaries Award Winners

awardsWe’re proud to announce that we’ve won two awards at the MedTech Visionaries Awards: The Best TeleMed Solution and Best Overall MedTech Software for InSight.

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