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Working with our Clients

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LanguageLine Solutions is committed to supporting its clients at every stage of a contract life cycle and has developed facilities, processes and procedures to ensure that everything runs smoothly from day-one of each and every project.
Our dedicated implementation team works to ensure that all of your staff are fully trained and aware of how and when they should use each of our services to the best effect. Our unique Language Resources team works tirelessly to guarantee that only the most qualified and experienced interpreters and translators are recruited to fulfil your requirements.

'It’s great to find a company who is proactive with regards to project management. LanguageLine has gone above and beyond other suppliers and is now our preferred translations provider.'

-Head of U+, Rentokil Initial

Throughout the contract, LanguageLine’s dedicated account managers provide a central point of contact for any query that could arise from service users or key contract stakeholders and provide ongoing training and support.
It’s not always easy to illustrate fully what our dedicated teams do behind the scenes both here at LanguageLine and whilst working in the field with our clients. However, the short video below offers better insight.

LanguageLine Solutions working with Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust

As the exclusive provider of Interpretation Services to the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust, LanguageLine supports the hospital with a complete range of language solutions comprising high quality language services and dedicated customer support.
As with all projects of this nature, LanguageLine utilised its dedicated implementation function to full effect in preparation for the commencement of services at the Trust. Members from the implementation and language resources teams, along with the dedicated account manager, immersed themselves in the Trust during the weeks preceding the service launch.
Working extensively with key contacts and end users, the process ensured that all elements of the service worked effectively and efficiently from day-one.
This unique approach was highly appreciated within the Trust, removing as it did the burden of transition from key stakeholders whilst maximising awareness and confidence amongst the staff who would ultimately use the services. This video outlines the work involved in preparation for the service launch and demonstrates how this unique procedure was appreciated and deemed highly beneficial by the client.
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