Helping tackle social inequality in terms of access to services and work has always been a core value
of LanguageLine Solutions. We recognise that we have a direct responsibility to the communities in
which we operate to maximise social value in terms of economic, social, and environmental
wellbeing. By considering social value in the services, we deliver every day, as well as when setting
our future targets, we believe we can cultivate a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive society.

Our aim is to consider the social impact when making all our business decisions. This approach has
been distilled into five key commitments:

Promote local skills and employment – ensuring fair work and terms, improving opportunities for all
groups, and encouraging and supporting skill development.

Support the Growth of Responsible Regional Businesses – reducing inequalities, expanding the
sustainable and socially aware supply chain, and improving staff well-being.

Encourage Healthier, Safer, and more Resilient Communities – supporting access to essential
services, enabling people to be independent, working in our local communities.

Safeguard our planet – Reduce carbon emissions to become carbon neutral by 2030, safeguard the
natural environment and procure sustainably.

Promote Social Innovation – Focus on all service stakeholders in service, technology, and product
development to remove barriers and increase opportunities.

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