Q: How do I apply to become an interpreter?

All applications should be completed online by selecting 'Apply Today' from the Careers page:

For assistance applying online, email lr.recruitment@languageline.co.uk

Q: Is there a fee to apply to become an interpreter with you?

A: No there is no fee.

Q: Are your interpreters employees of your company or are they independent contractors?

A: They are independent contractors.

Q: What kinds of work will I be doing as an interpreter?

A: When interpreting you will listen to a limited English speaking individual, analyse the message and accurately convey its meaning to our customer. When performing this over the phone each call can consist of either a two- way or three-way conversation between you as our interpreter, our client, and the limited English speaking person our client serves. You will be speaking in the first-person. In other words, you are speaking for the person who has limited English skills and our client.

Q: Are there performance evaluations?

A: Yes, our Quality Specialists will be monitoring your calls on a regular basis and will provide feedback to you regarding your customer service and interpreting skills as well as encouragement.

Q: I work at home, how do I know if it's a call for the company or someone calling me?

A: The phone line you use for work should be dedicated to receiving incoming calls from us only.