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Industry expertise

Tell Your Customers, “240+ Languages Welcome Here”

LanguageLine knows your industry’s specific terminology and can enable total understanding for your customers, patients, and constituents. We’ve been partnering with nearly every Fortune 100 company for decades in healthcare, financial services, technology, insurance, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and food and drug industries. Discover how we can help your organization solve its language access challenges.

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Why the World's Top Companies Choose LanguageLine

World-Class Linguists
You deserve to work with the world's finest interpreters and translators. Our linguists must meet the industry's most rigorous standards of excellence.
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Pioneering Technology
Our services are transformational. We have a long history of innovating industry-leading technology and new language access pathways.
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Rigorous Security
Safeguarding your organization’s private information and supporting regulatory compliance are top priorities and a subject we treat with the gravity it deserves.
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Day or night, we're here to support your communication with the increasingly diverse communities you serve.
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Unrivaled Experience
We founded the on-demand language access industry in 1982. Each year we handle 75+ million interactions–that’s more than one mutual understanding created every second.
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Industry-Leading Scalability
The need for language access is unpredictable. Our solutions meet your demands without fail, no matter how large or unexpected they may be.
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Let’s Talk Solutions

Learn how to ensure your employees, teams, and customers can fully understand each other. Read our On-Demand Services brochure or choose a time to speak with our experts about options for solving your language access challenges and moving to the next level.
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Deliver Total Understanding in Seconds

Tap into a wide range of free resources to help your organization construct and launch a comprehensive language access solution for your customers, patients, and clients. These eBooks, guides, webinars, videos, blog posts, and more will provide the insights and information you need to get started.
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