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LanguageLine Solutions Global Locations

Our selection of locations allows for our interpreters to find a work environment that fits their lifestyle and provides them with the best opportunity to succeed.

Work from Home Interpreter Careers

LanguageLine Solutions provides work from home opportunities for multilingual individuals, interested in applying their language skills to enrich the lives of others as well as their own, through a career in interpreting.
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LanguageLine Solutions UK Global Centre

LanguageLine Solution’s UK operations were originally established as a charitable project in April 1990 to enable communication between patients and staff at the Royal London Hospital.
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LanguageLine Solutions Costa Rica Global Centre

Since 2002, LanguageLine Solutions has grown to be one of Costa Rica’s top employers. As a team member in our interpreting center, we offer you stability, continuous development and professional growth.
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LanguageLine Solutions Dominican Republic Global Centre

In 2000, LanguageLine Solutions opened an interpreting center in the Dominican Republic in the La Zona Franca de San Isidro. We have found a highly qualified workforce and a telecommunication infrastructure that is the best in the region.
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LanguageLine Solutions US Global Centre

For more than 30 years, LanguageLine Solutions US, headquartered in Monterey, California, has been helping multiple industries communicate with their limited English proficient (LEP) customers in more than 200 languages.
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