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Being understood is empowering. Communication breaks-down barriers. LanguageLine can help you communicate with any limited English speaker – anywhere, anytime. Whether you need video or face-to-face interpreting, no organisation is more capable or more experienced at helping you to communicate with the world. We have been successfully supporting the NHS, Police, Central and Local Government and commercial organisations across the UK for more than 30 years.

We provide interpretation services in many formats to fit your requirements; telephone, video, face-to-face and conference. For convenience and flexibility, these are available via direct contract or via National Framework Contracts.


Telephone and Video on Demand


Language connects you with your audience - instantly. Providing language access to limited-English speakers, as well as the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, paves the way towards communication and trust.

LanguageLine is differentiated by the degree to which we allow our users to differentiate themselves. Each of us is of equal importance; our on-demand interpreting solutions empower people and organisations to express their individuality.

Within seconds, our clients can receive one-touch, on-demand interpreting in more than 200 languages via mobile, video, and phone. Each of these formats connects users with our team of more than 12,000 professional interpreters.

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Interpreters available on-demand


Interactions facilitated annually

40 M

Languages Supported


The number of UK residents who are considered deaf or hard of hearing


Face to Face Interpreting


The most valuable human communication is complex by nature. There are certain instances in which there is no substitute for having an interpreter physically present.

LanguageLine stands alone in its ability to schedule and deliver an interpreter in-person to the location of your choice wherever and whenever one is needed.

We support organisations that have an ongoing need for dependable face-to-face interpretation in spoken languages, as well as British Sign Language. Our trained, security-cleared professional interpreters can be scheduled by appointment and in emergency same-day situations.

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The LanguageLine Solutions® difference

We partner with you to deliver state-of-the-art language support

121219_LanguageLine_Icons_World-Class Linguists

World-class linguists

We search the globe for the finest interpreters and translators, then provide continuous training and education

121219_LanguageLine_Icons_Implementation Support

Implementation support

We provide assistance with implementation and staff training

121219_LanguageLine_Icons_Robust Reporting

Robust reporting

Our custom reporting allows you to understand your usage so you can maximize your investment in language access

121219_LanguageLine_Icons_Equipment _ Support Materials

Equipment & support materials

We offer an array of session-enhancing products to facilitate quick, easy access that saves time and increases productivity

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