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Video Remote Interpreting


Available in the most requested languages including American and British Sign Language

The advantages of LanguageLine® Video

LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting® is technology. It empowers you to provide outstanding service and exceptional care, on-demand, allowing limited-English speakers and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, to feel heard and seen by another person.

Available within seconds at the touch of a button, LanguageLine’s award-winning video interpreting is available in the top 40 most requested languages, including American and British Sign Language.

People tend to think of interpretation as a transaction, swapping one word for another much as one would exchange currency. At LanguageLine, we think of interpretation as a profoundly human experience. More than transactional, it should be transformational - both for our clients and the communities they serve.

What are the best uses for video interpreting?

On-demand video interpreting is ideal for:

  • Medical settings

  • Council engagement points

  • Walk-in locations

  • Housing Associations

  • Advice centres

  • Retail outlets

  • Teams that are in the field, including first responders, service
    workers, and delivery people


Hours of technical support


Available languages for video interpretation

24.8 sec.

Average connect time for video calls


Interpreters available on-demand

Video interpreting has provided the Trust with a solution for when we have not been advised an interpreter is needed. This means we are able to meet a family’s language needs in a very responsive way without having to reschedule an appointment. It also means we can deliver care to families who arrive at the hospital as an emergency, when the care is unplanned.

Head of Quality – Corporate Services, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
Video remote interpreting is responsive and helpful

LanguageLine on Wheels

NHS doctor using the LanguageLine interpreter on wheels

LanguageLine’s Interpreter on Wheels® provides effortless movement and mobility to maximise the effectiveness of video interpreting. An adjustable, rolling stand incorporates a secure audio amplification enclosure for the tablet on a tilting head.

Features include:

  • Sound amplification: A patented audio amplification enclosure that nearly doubles a tablet’s natural volume. No wires, batteries, or charging are required.
  • Security: The tablet is secured by a modular design that mounts directly to the stand.
  • Mobility and stability: The rolling cart has a 23-inch base with five wheels and lockable casters for maximum stability and ease of mobility.
  • Easy assembly: Interpreter on Wheels comes mostly pre-assembled. Final assembly time is approximately 10 minutes per unit. On-site assembly service is available.

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LanguageLine InSight is available to clients and any organisation, business, or agency with a LanguageLine account. All you need is a one-time authentication code. To receive a code and activate your account, contact your Account Representative. Not a customer yet? Contact us to set up an account.

Download the complimentary InSight app from the App Store:

The LanguageLine Solutions® difference

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11,000 trained interpreters ready to take your call.

World-class linguists

We search the globe for the finest interpreters, then provide continuous training and education

LanguageLine helps train your staff.

Implementation support

We provide assistance with the installation and optimisation of your language-access program

Comply with laws and regulations.


Our high-quality video service is encrypted end-to-end

Access video interpreters over wifi or cellular networks.

Easy connectivity

LanguageLine Video can be accessed via WiFi or cellular networks

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