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British Sign Language

Expert BSL Interpreters

There are almost 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss; Action on Hearing Loss estimates that the figure will be over 15 million by 2035 – that’s one person in five.

LanguageLine Solutions has been providing British Sign Language interpreters to organisations across the UK for over 10 years. As part of an overall language support solution, LLS can support organisations with:
  • NRCPD registered interpreters
  • Access to BSL interpreters either face-to-face or via on-demand video support
  • Access to Deaf Awareness Training
  • General staff training on the utilisation of services
  • Advice and guidance on achieving Accessible Information Standards
  • Customised BSL video content for websites and customer information points

Quality & Sustainability

LanguageLine Solutions works with a large pool of highly qualified BSL interpreters up and down the country.  All interpreters are directly recruited from the NRCPD database, the body that regulates communication professionals who work with Deaf and Deafblind people and sets standards of professional practice.
LLS is a Corporate Supporter of ASLI and ensures that interpreters are engaged on fair terms, thus promoting the continuous development of the existing interpreter pool, and encouraging trainee interpreters to seek full qualification and career progression.
At LanguageLine Solutions, we are able to provide British Sign Language interpreters on a national scale and have been doing so across the NHS and local government since 2005.

Customer Support

Training and implementation is something that we take very seriously. LLS has a dedicated implementation team which works closely with our clients to ensure that staff are fully trained and understand how and when to use our services.
We also appreciate that understanding British Sign Language and how staff can effectively engage with the Deaf community can be a challenge to any organisation. This is why we offer a range of additional services to our clients including Deaf awareness training.  LLS can also facilitate Level 1 BSL training for staff.
Customised video content for websites and public areas can also help enhance the way in which organisations engage with the Deaf community, whilst the on-demand BSL video service significantly improves accessibility. 
If you have an ongoing requirement for BSL interpreting, or would like more information about our services in general please call us at 0800 169 2879 or click below.
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