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Website Translation Services

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Worldwide online spending is set to top $6.7 trillion in 2020 (estimated £62.7bn in the UK alone by 2020). We know that mobile use has exploded with more smartphone ownership than ever before, so optimisation of your website for all of your audiences regardless of language spoken should be central to your marketing strategy.

LanguageLine work with organisations to ensure that their online presence maximises all opportunities received. We translate websites, optimise foreign language pay per click advertising and develop foreign language search engine optimisation strategies for organisations of varying size and industry.

Why Website Translation?

With online spending increasing year on year and the increasing popularity of mobile browsing and purchasing you cannot afford to get overtaken by your competitors.

It is proven that organisations that increase their translation spend report higher revenues and expand into more markets.*

It doesn’t stop at website translation; app translation should also be high on your list if you have one. Many of our customers were not aware that once their apps were translated into other languages that their downloads could increase by as much as 120% and that revenues generally increase by over 25%.

So to summarise; higher revenues, more markets, increased brand awareness…have we convinced you yet?

Why LanguageLine?

Website translation is not just about translating word for word, it is important that the content is localised for its target market.

At LanguageLine solutions we have worked with a whole range of organisations to make sure that they can engage with customers all over the world in a way that is right for them.

A lot of providers define themselves as ‘trustworthy’, ‘high quality’ and ‘secure’. Well at LanguageLine we have gone that one step further and secured ISO 9001 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications to show our customers that we are truly committed to a high quality, secure translation solution.

What Next?

At LanguageLine we like to develop bespoke solutions for our customers based on their language requirement. To best understand how we could work with you please call us today on 0800 169 2879 or email us at talktous@languageline.co.uk.

*Common Sense Advisory 2012.

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