During the Covid pandemic, LanguageLine has resolutely continued to provide NHS organisations with the language services they need to support their patients. However, the circumstances of the past year have required a different approach; a requirement for language support which accommodates the interactions and movements allowable under Covid-19 restrictions whilst protecting the requirements of limited English speakers and staff. 

During this time, LanguageLine has maintained its supply of face-to-face interpreting when and where required but, essentially, has also supported clients with telephone interpreting and two forms of video interpreting. This is either via its on-demand video service through LLS-supplied devices and client owned tablets, laptops and smartphones or via its pre-booked video service, which enables an interpreter to appear on any client video platform with the patient – such as Zoom, Teams, AccuRx and Attend Anywhere.

During the period, not only have interactions and patient engagements remained steady and supported, but something extraordinary has happened in terms of cost saving. This graph, showing usage and expenditure data from a typical acute Trust, demonstrates the situation perfectly. 

At this Trust, on a typical month, savings of over 50% were achieved, and this level of saving has been seen across Trusts with differing levels of language demand.

So how has the cost reduced so much whilst the interactions and support have stayed constant? This further graph explains how.

Quite simply, the increased use of telephone and video interpreting to support patients as the key support modalities has resulted in highly significant savings – without any negative effect on limited -English speaking patients. Face-to-Face has been retained where deemed essential. However, where seen as appropriate, LanguageLine clients have increased their use of its flexible, secure remote interpreting services, to ensure that all patients can still receive the very best care possible. 

If you would like to hear more about LanguageLine’s complete range of language support services, including our world-leading telephone and video services, please contact us at enquiries@languageline.co.uk or 0800 169 2879.

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