The year 2023 marked a pivotal moment in technology and language services, setting a new course for our industry. It was the year when the capabilities of artificial intelligence took a significant leap forward, symbolised by the launch and rapid evolution of GenAI and the wider adoption of Large Language Models.

These groundbreaking developments transformed how we think about language and communication, moving beyond the traditional confines of translation to a more dynamic, integrated approach to global content management.

As these AI-driven tools became more sophisticated, they redefined the boundaries of possibility, creating a new paradigm where translating words is now one task in the process of creating and managing multilingual content that resonates globally.

Here are some other trends we observed in 2023:

More content, quicker publishing needs: There's so much content being created, both by humans and machines, that traditional translation models are no longer suitable for handling the volumes and the speed demanded by new use cases. New workflows that keep experts in the loop whilst leveraging AI-driven technology are becoming a significant part of managing multilingual content.

Tech upgrades and combined services: The language industry continues to be at the forefront of technology adoption, like machine learning, process automation, and cloud computing. This is driving the rapid innovation of translation systems and solutions that mix technology with traditional language services to create programmes.

AI’s impact: The rise of AI, especially Generative AI, is changing how language services work. It’s not just about translating anymore; it’s about leveraging AI to increase efficiencies, expand to new markets, and reach your audience effectively and quickly.

Digital growth in the language industry: Digital advancements in translation and content management, along with a growing demand for these services, are making the language sector bigger and more important than ever. The language partner of the new era embraces the opportunities of AI and leverages it with its in-depth linguistic understanding to create programmes for its customers that help deliver multilingual content across the new digital landscape.

While we remain a company focused on high-touch by real humans, LanguageLine acknowledge the shift happening around the world and have adapted to a new model to deliver global content to help clients excel in the market. LanguageLine Global Content Solutions integrates advanced technologies like MT and AI, embracing hybrid solutions that combine technology and expert-in-the-loop services. By focusing on the creation and management of intelligent content across multiple languages, and designing customised workflows, LanguageLine can meet the diverse and complex needs of our clients in this era of multilingual content solutions.

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