LanguageLine Solutions UK 2022 Review

2022 was a historical year for LanguageLine. We've done and achieved so much. Let's take the time to acknowledge a fantastic 12 months. 




LanguageLine celebrates the big 4-0

2022 saw us celebrate our 40th anniversary of providing world-class language support. It was in 1982 that a California police officer conceived a remote-interpreting service to assist Vietnamese refugees. The extent of our infrastructure back then was a three-party phone and a box full of 3x5 index cards that contained interpreter names and numbers. Forty years later, we work with nearly 17,000 professional linguists and connect thousands of people every day. We even updated our logo to reflect our proud history - almost like a birthday badge.




More than one anniversary

LLS saw multiple staff members joining the team in various departments over the last twelve months. We also witnessed some significant milestones within the company. This year, we had staff members celebrate over 8+ years with LanguageLine. These people have been integral over the years in our successes. Some have joined the 10-year+ Club, and a special mention goes to Fatema, who has been with LanguageLine for 18 years! We are so grateful to have such talented people within the team that love what they do!


Giving back to the community

This year also saw us launch LanguageLine Gives Back, a volunteering and charitable program that looks to give back to the communities we serve. Created by Anya, Lindsay, Helen, Vanessa and Kennedy, the project came to life and has already made quite an impact. LanguageLine has 'given back' to St George's charity this year through a Sponsored Bike Ride and a delicious Cake Bake Sale; what a display! Nikki also provided her help by volunteering at the British Transplant Games. Finally, in keeping with the Christmas spirit, six LanguageLine volunteers wrapped hundreds of gifts to give to children at St George's Hospital!




LLS Garden Party

After the best part of two years of being kept away from the office due to the pandemic, we finally got together to have a LanguageLine garden party. It was less about the food, music and cake – and more about a chance for everyone to get together and enjoy each other's company. A significant aspect that a lot of us missed. It was also great for newcomers to the business. It was quite the experience to finally meet people you've only ever seen on a screen in person! LLS Garden Party 2K23 is definitely on the cards!


Leaving Canary Wharf and finding a new home in Monument

As the world has changed, so have people's workspaces, and we are no different. After nearly 17 years in Canary Wharf, we will be clearing our desks, packing our bags and calling Monument our new home. Despite the LanguageLine team's expansion, hybrid working conditions have changed our needs. So, we needed an environment that reflects that change whilst building that sense of culture and community within the team. We'll have a better look at our new space in the new year. Stay tuned.




Acute and General Medicine Conference

For the first time since the pandemic began, we attended our first major event - the Acute and General Medicine Conference, hosted at the Excel Centre in November. Two years ago, it wouldn't have seemed possible for so many people to converge together. Times have changed, and we were out on the floor, showcasing our services and putting our name out there. This is a trend we're looking to continue in 2023.


Great Place to Work

Last but not least – as part of the Teleperformance family - we were recognised as a 'Great Place To Work' again. We tallied highest amongst our staff for inclusivity, management and well-being. The results of this survey mean a lot. It keeps an organisation accountable and in touch whilst providing a basis for improvement. According to GPTW, 82% of employees trust their certified GPTW workplace, compared to 74% of employees working for non-certified workplaces. Gaining this accomplishment is something we're incredibly proud of. And moving into 2023, we're not taking anything for granted and will continue to listen, learn and improve.




So much has changed and evolved, yet our core drivers remain unchanged; to support, facilitate communication, promote understanding and empower. 2023 looks very promising for the business. We have exciting and ground-breaking new digital services developed by our world-leading technology development teams, being trialled and rolled out as we speak. We can't wait to share even more with you! Here's to another 365 days of exceptional work and achievement at LanguageLine!