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Corporate Careers

Expand your career at LanguageLine Solutions

For over 30 years, LanguageLine Solutions has delivered an invaluable service to our customers through interpretation services.

In addition to numerous interpreter positions, we offer career opportunities in the fields of marketing, sales, and information technology, operations, finance, HR/payroll and general business support services.

We serve more than 20,000 customers in healthcare, finance, insurance, government, emergency services, telecom and many other industries. Take the next step in your career by joining our corporate team at LanguageLine Solutions.

Corporate Careers:

In addition to numerous positions as interpreters, we offer career opportunities in the fields below:


Our marketing team promotes our company to customers through advertising, direct mail campaigns, surveys, websites, newsletters, special events promotions and other public relations campaigns. This team also helps support the sales department in identifying and developing business opportunity leads.


Our sales team calls on our customers and new business prospects to promote our services, assure customer satisfaction and resolve any customer issues, consult with customers on enhanced new/additional business applications, pursue leads, etc.

Information Technology

Our IT team designs, develops and implements the various technological applications that make our business run. Our calls are delivered to interpreters via an automated platform and that system maintains all the business data that our company requires.


Our financial team provides accounting, collections, accounts receivable/accounts payable and budget support for our company and customers
Operations – Our operations team provides management oversight, recruiting activities, training, quality assurance, scheduling and day-to-day support for our interpreter workforce.

Human Resources

Our human resources/payroll teams provide employment information for corporate positions, employee benefits, employee relations, professional insurance programs, pay and payroll/tax assistance to our employees and contractors.

Language Resources

Our Language Resources team manage the interpreter base throughout their time with LanguageLine Solutions, to include recruitment, inductions, updates, analysing availability & reliability. Whilst ensuring the interpreters are kept informed of any new changes and procedures.


Our face-to-face team, process all assignments for our clients, allocating them as per client instruction to an available interpreter.

General Support

Our Company has a number of support positions available in customer service, administrative support, interpreter support centres and other general office functions.