Become A LanguageLine Solutions Interpreter Today

Interpretation is the oral transmittal of a message from one language into another language. As a telephone interpreter, you will listen to a limited English speaker, analyse the person’s message, and accurately convey its meaning to a LanguageLine Solutions client.

Each call is a three-way conversation between you as our interpreter, our client, and our client’s Limited English Speaking person. Speaking in the “first-person”, you will go back and forth speaking for our client as well as the person who has limited English skills.

What Kind of Work Does An Interpreter Do?

As a LanguageLine Solutions telephone interpreter, you will find yourself interpreting for police forces, for hospitals, in fact for a huge variety of public and commercial organisations.

On any particular call, you may be helping someone who is:

  • Calling 999 during an emergency,
  • Reporting an accident to their insurance company
  • Receiving instructions about completing a Legal aid form
  • Opening a current account
  • Applying for a credit card
  • And so much more