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Spanish Translation Services

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Translating Spanish

As one of the largest language service providers in the world, LanguageLine interprets and translates millions of minutes and words from over 200 different languages on a daily basis.

Spanish is the 2nd most popular language in the world (behind Mandarin) and it is estimated that there are over 437 million native speakers, and a further 130 million (567 million in total) who are classed as speaking Spanish as their first or second language. It is the official language of 21 countries and with these figures it is easy to see why it is so commonly translated throughout the world.

Here are a few LanguageLine Spanish translation facts:

  • Over 34 years’ experience in translating Spanish to English in the UK for leading businesses
  • 95 clients worldwide
  • Spanish is the 4th most popular language we translate in the UK
  • Globally we interpret over 200 million minutes of Spanish annually
  • Over 75 fully qualified native Spanish speaking translators in the UK
  • LLS translate into Spanish across various verticals and industries

ISO Certified Spanish Translations

As an organisation, we have always highly valued the need for security and confidentiality when working on any project with our clients and this is particularly important in today’s digital world.

We are ISO 27001 accredited which means we follow the international best practice methods for our information and security management systems.

As with every translator in our business, each LanguageLine Spanish linguist is subject to a strict confidentiality clause as part of their contracts and agrees to an NDA for each client they work on.

We are ISO 9001 accredited.

Experienced Spanish Translators

Every one of our Spanish translators is not only a native speaker, but they are also specialists in their field, whether that is HR or Legal translation, Finance or Marketing. We pride ourselves in delivering a fast, accurate and high quality translation services you can rely on.

We work with a wide range of businesses in the UK, from FTSE 100 global organisations to government organisations and smaller enterprises. If you are looking to translate your website, documentation or anything else, our Spanish translating team will be able to help.

What Next?

At LanguageLine we like to develop bespoke solutions for our customers based on their language requirement. To best understand how we could work with you please call us today on 0800 169 2879 or email us at talktous@languageline.co.uk.

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