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Tools You Can Use To Bridge the Language Gap

We understand the importance of supporting our clients to maintain awareness and ensure that staff are able to use our services efficiently and effectively. When you become a LanguageLine Solutions client, we will provide you with the tools necessary to train your staff and support your customers.

We provide our customers with a range of supporting tools and materials which raise awareness of the service amongst limited English speakers, provide support and guidance to staff and enhance the experience of using a LanguageLine Solutions interpreter or translator.

The LanguageLine Solutions Phone

A one-touch solution to providing interpreter access, our dual handset phone promotes seamless conversation without having to share a single handset. Promotes a more natural form of communication and ensures confidentiality during sensitive discussions

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Language Identification Poster

An A3 sized poster that is typically placed in areas such as waiting rooms and reception areas to make limited English speakers aware of the service and assist staff in identifying the language spoken. The poster includes statements in the top 20 most requested languages confirming that an interpreter is available and asking the limited English speaker to point to their language. Staff can then contact LanguageLine Solutions to arrange an interpreting session in the language identified.

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Guide to using the telephone interpreting service

A simple step-by-step guide to using the telephone interpreting service to make two-way and three-way calls.

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Language Identification Card

A small card which can be carried by users to help with language identification.

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Downloadable Materials

Material Requests

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