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A trusted partner to government agencies

For over thirty years, LanguageLine has worked with central and local government organisations to provide language support in multiple forms – from written translation to remote, on-demand interpreting services.

With an extensive pool of specialised linguists, LanguageLine conducts work for all areas of government – from education, environment, transport and housing, through to international development and trade.

As our communities continually evolve, government agencies need to partner with a sophisticated language-access provider that can respond, scale and continually meet their needs. LanguageLine has this covered – in 240 languages, 24 hours a day.

Provide critical language access, wherever and whenever it is needed. LanguageLine helps you deliver 360 degrees of language coverage:

On-Demand Interpretation

Instant, round-the-clock access to thousands of world-class, professional, vetted interpreters via mobile, video, and phone in 200-plus languages, including British Sign Language

Face-to-Face Interpretation

Schedule an interpreter to attend meetings in-person at your office or meeting venue. Ideal for complex or multi-participant meetings.

Translation and Localisation

Seamless, on-time translation and localisation of the written word, including websites, apps, public information/education and international communications.


Our app puts the power of 12,000 linguists in the pockets of in-the-field officers and agents, providing one-touch, on-demand access to professional interpretation in 200-plus languages.

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