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Remote Face to Face

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Organisations across the UK are now, more than ever, using online meeting solutions to support virtual consultations, other telehealth situations, and a variety of virtual meeting scenarios for more general engagement. As with all interactions in a multi-cultural society, many of these will require an element of language support.

In response to this new demand, LanguageLine Solutions (LLS) has developed a further new digital solution – Remote Face-to-Face interpreting, to facilitate the visual appearance of an interpreter within a virtual clinic or virtual meeting setting.

This further development means that yet another scenario where language support is required can be safely and securely covered by LLS.

How does it work?

For ease of use, LLS clients are able to book an interpreter as they would for normal face-to-face bookings through the existing LLS booking portal. The interpreter attends the virtual consultation at the date and time requested.

LanguageLine will manage and coordinate all bookings through its F2F booking portal as we do now with standard F2F requirements.


Interpreter quality

All interpreters must pass the LanguageLine selection and vetting process and undergo our unique induction process before commencing work

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Ongoing management

All LanguageLine interpreters are managed by our dedicated Language Resources Team


Easy scheduling

The LanguageLine portal enables visibility of all your bookings and 24/7 access


Unmatched experience

LanguageLine has reliably delivered face-to-face interpretation for more than 25 years

Data Compliance


Importantly, using the existing portal and replicating the booking method also means that the same levels of data security, audit compliance and billing and reporting integrity are maintained. Built-in flexibility means that the system can be used with multiple virtual meeting platforms.

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