On-Demand Interpreting

Our society will become more complex and multilingual in coming years, as our nation’s foreign-born population is expected to nearly double over the next four decades. Nearly half of these individuals will lack English proficiency. This means that a doctor’s visit, parent-teacher conference, or trip to the bank will likely prove stressful as they attempt to communicate.

As an organization that aims to provide an excellent experience regardless of language or culture, it is vital that you be able to deliver language access wherever and whenever it is needed. LanguageLine provides on-demand access to more than 14,000 professional interpreters in 240-plus languages via three formats: mobile, video, and phone.

phone and video interpreting in 240 languages and American Sign Language

LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting®

Situations exist in which there is no substitute for visual communication. LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting empowers you to provide exceptional care.

Available in over 40 languages including American Sign Language, our InSight Video Interpreting solution delivers one-touch, on-demand access to live, professional interpreters via smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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remote video interpreting empowers mutual understanding

LanguageLine® Phone℠

over the phone interpreting in 240 languages 24/7

LanguageLine founded the over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) industry in 1982. Today we are the global leader in phone interpreting services, handling more than one interaction per second.

Our customizable solutions connect callers to a team of more than 14,000 professional interpreters, all carefully selected and trained in specific industry practices and terminology.

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LanguageLine® Mobile℠

It is increasingly imperative that language access be delivered wherever and whenever it is needed, which means being untethered from cables and Wi-Fi. LanguageLine is the first provider to put the power of more than 14,000 interpreters in users’ pockets.

Via the LanguageLine app, our clients can access video interpretation in over 40 languages and audio-only interpretation in more than 240 languages – all within seconds at the touch of a button.

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use any device to quickly connect to an interpreter


Hours of availability for LanguageLine’s on-demand interpreting services throughout the year


Number of highly trained, world-class interpreters available within seconds via LanguageLine on-demand

40 M

Interactions handled by LanguageLine every year - one human connection every second of every day


Number of languages for which LanguageLine delivers one-touch, on-demand interpretation

The LanguageLine Solutions® difference

Provide 360 degrees of language coverage

The very best interpreters in the world.

World-class linguists

We search the globe for the finest interpreters and translators, then provide continuous training and education

LanguageLine helps ensure a successful language access program.

Implementation support

We provide continuous assistance with the installation and optimization of your language-access program

Reporting can be scheduled and emailed to you.

Robust reporting

Our custom reporting allows you to understand your usage so you can maximize your investment in language access

Phone equipment includes dual handsets for better interpreting sessions.

Equipment and Support Materials

We offer an array of session-enhancing products to facilitate quick, easy access that saves time and increases productivity

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Five Essential Criteria for Selecting Your On-Demand Interpreting Partner

Make the most informed decision when choosing a language-services provider.

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LanguageLine® turns linguistic and cultural challenges into opportunities.

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