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Healthcare & Medical Translation

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Healthcare Interpreting & Translation Services

Why are Interpreting and Translation Services so important to the NHS?

  • Cost saving – Limited English Speakers without Interpreters incur higher charges and longer stays than other patients, increasing the cost of patient care.
  • Efficient – Without effective in-language communication “Did Not Attend” (DNA) costs increase. DNA expenses are currently estimated to cost the NHS over £400 Million per annum.
  • Accessible – Limited English speaking patients without interpreting access return to emergency care more frequently than interpreted patients, increasing the cost of patient care.
  • Responsive – Many limited English speaking people admit they wait for an emergency to seek health care, as they fear a situation where they cannot clearly communicate.
  • Patient care – Interpreters ease the tension and frustration experienced by patients who do not speak English and thus improves the quality of patient care.
  • Compliance – The risk of litigation is significantly increased if care is not provided in line with equality, human rights and regulatory frameworks.

‘The interpreters are professional and deliver excellent interpreting services that mean our clinicians can assess the child or young person and their family have a full understanding of the management plan for their onward care.’

- Head of Quality – Corporate Services, Trust Complaints & PALS Lead Wales

Why do so many NHS trusts choose LanguageLine Solutions?

  • Quality – You can expect the most professional, highly trained interpreters to provide medical translation services to you and your patients.
  • Reliability – You will enjoy quick, easy access to professional, culturally sensitive interpreters 24 hours a day, every day of the year, clear accurate communication is crucial to responsive care of your patients.
  • Cost Effective – Using our professional, easily accessible interpreters to provide medical translation results in more appropriate, effective care and more accurate diagnosis… fewer urgent care situations and reduction in unnecessary testing… clearer understanding of prognosis and lower costs of treatment.
  • Security – LanguageLine Solutions provides only security screened and Enhanced CRB checked interpreters, so you can be sure that patient and staff safety is not compromised.

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