LanguageLine developed on-demand interpreting services for police forces over 40 years ago and, in doing so, changed the way that language barriers could be overcome quickly, effectively and safely in the criminal justice arena.

A Streamlined Process

Our drive to support organisations in this fast-moving, time-critical sector has evolved over many years.  Today, through a combination of technology, specialist staff and customised processes, we continue to effectively and efficiently address the specific needs of criminal justice organisations.

Our services enable communication irrespective of language, time of day and interpreting format, whilst promoting efficiencies, streamlining processes and helping ensure access to justice for limited English speakers.  All of this is delivered with full consideration of legislative guidelines.

Efficient face-to-face interpreter allocation with LanguageLine

Today, the unique functionality of LanguageLine’s interpreter management platform, SmartMATE, ensures that the time taken from booking an interpreter, to interpreter allocation, is reduced to just a few minutes. This enhanced workflow results in the fast, effective delivery of qualified interpreters to on-site locations nationwide, even for rare languages, to help smooth the justice process.

Our unique platform enables high levels of visibility for users, so that they remain informed around every step of their booking, from request to interpreter arrival.

Meanwhile, departmental leads have continuous access to usage and performance statistics, ensuring maximum visibility and control at the relevant management level.

Ensure Total Understanding in Over 150 Languages

LanguageLine supports organisations within the criminal justice arena all around the UK, with professional, experienced, vetted interpreters. Our service is delivered via a team of over 10,000 interpreters fluent in more than 150 languages.

What truly distinguishes LanguageLine’s face-to-face service is our people. Our interpreters are carefully vetted and highly skilled.

Recruited and managed by our dedicated Language Resources Team, each interpreter must pass our rigorous testing process before becoming a LanguageLine interpreter. As you would expect, quality and safety underpin this essential service.

Alternative options

For convenience and flexibility, LanguageLine has also made its services accessible on-demand through multiple channels – including the LanguageLine app. LanguageLine supplies customised equipment to support the utilisation of services, including on-demand BSL, at public engagement locations, whilst the app is being used by field teams including police officers via tablets and mobile phones – offering language identification capability and one-touch access to over 200 languages around the clock.


Optimised processes that have evolved to meet Criminal Justice requirements

The way that Language Services are delivered for the Public Sector is constantly evolving in tandem with the advances in technology, albeit always with full consideration of legislative guidelines.

As part of this, LanguageLine remains at the forefront of language access in the criminal justice arena, covering every need in the most effective and efficient way – whatever interpreting support format is required.

If you are interested in learning more about our Interpreting services, whether face-to-face or remote, voice or video, please get in touch and let's talk language solutions.

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