As the fifth most spoken language in the world and with over 700 million speakers globally, Arabic continues to be a powerhouse in the world of language. 

Did you know?

1 - Arabic is a geometric language - in Arabic culture, geometry represents balance. It is even reflected in the language, where all the letters derive from geometric figures.  Every Arabic letter is a part of a triangle, a circle, or a combination of both.

2 - Arabic is also thought to have the biggest lexicon - to get an idea of how rich the Arabic lexicon is, the world lion has more than 300 synonyms and there are 50 ways to express the world love.



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As with all languages, LanguageLine works with native-speaking, subject specialist Arabic translators to support clients in all areas including Financial Services, FMCG, Legal, Insurance, Medical and across the broader business landscape.

LanguageLine works to ensure every aspect of our Arabic translation service is accurate, secure, professional and fast.  Whether your project is for written documentation, localisation or multi-media, our expert team of translators and project managers is here to advise, guide and ensure outstanding results.

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