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Italian Translation Services

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Translating Italian

With over 69 million native speakers and 90 million world-wide, Italian has become Europe’s fourth most widely spoken first language.

Aside from its use in Europe, Italian is also spoken in many places across world with, for example, Italian speaking communities living in parts of North and South America.

It’s no surprise then that Italian is one of the top 10 requested languages among the 200 or so that LLS supports for its 27,000 client organisations worldwide.

Native-speaking Italian translators

LLS works with native-speaking subject specialist translators to support clients in areas including Financial Services, FMCG, Legal, Insurance, Medical and across the broader business landscape.

As with all supported languages, LLS works to ensure every aspect of our Italian translation service is accurate, secure, professional and fast.  For documentation, websites, contracts or anything else within your sector that needs translating, our expert team of Italian translators and project managers is more than happy to help.

International best practice

For peace of mind, LLS’ translations services operate with ISO 27001, ISO 17001 and ISO 9001 accreditation. In adherence to the GDPR, LLS operates under the global Binding Corporate Rules of its parent company – Teleperformance.

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LanguageLine Solutions specialises in developing bespoke solutions for its customers based on their specific language translation requirements. To best understand how we can work with you and meet your translation needs, contact us today.

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