State of Oregon Approves New Web-Based Interpreting Training Program from LanguageLine Academy SM 

--Medical Interpreter Qualification and Certification required at 15 new Coordinated Care Organizations Serving Patients on the Oregon Health Plan --

MONTEREY, Calif., August 28, 2013 – A new web-based interpreting training program developed by LanguageLine Academy has met the standards to train healthcare interpreters in Oregon. The state requires interpreters be qualified and certified to work at the 15 newly created Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO’s) serving people on the Oregon Health Plan. The Academy is the external testing and training arm of the global leader in language access, LanguageLine Solutions SM.

Oregon is one of only a handful of states with qualification and certification exams for medical interpreters. The state recognizes three tiers of interpreters: registered (the basic level), qualified (tested in the language) and certified (tested in medical terminology.) At a minimum, interpreters must be at the qualified level to work at Oregon hospitals.

“Given that there are only an estimated 16 qualified and 25 certified medical interpreters in Oregon out of an approximate 3,500 interpreters who work in the state, according to the Office of Equity and Inclusion, so the demand is extremely high for this new course,” said Winnie Heh, Senior Vice President, Global Operations of LanguageLine Solutions. “LanguageLine Academy provides a timely and meaningful solution. The web-format enables participants to conveniently complete 60-hours of training, at their own pace, from any location with high speed internet. Organizations looking to cut costs should find this format appealing as it also reduces down-time and the need for travel.”

The 60-hour training adequately prepares interpreters for the next step in their professional development of obtaining Certification from the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters or the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

The course titled “Web-based Advanced Medical Training for Oregon Interpreters” provides bilingual individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills by examining the numerous challenging aspects of a healthcare interpreter’s work, from dealing with ethical and linguistic issues to applying real-world scenarios with instructor led training, to surviving in the ever-evolving world of medicine with an emphasis on anatomy, basic and complex medical terminology, common health conditions diagnoses and treatment.

“Oregon is on the cutting edge of ensuring linguistically and culturally appropriate services in healthcare and training for medical interpreters is an essential component of this effort. LanguageLine Academy has for many years developed and delivered superior training programs, and offering them online expands access,” said Linda Joyce, Language Access Consultant and Certification and Testing Director of the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters.

Registration ( will open on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. The price for the program is $620. Group discounts will be available, and LanguageLine will be offering a 30-day promotional price for early adopters in conjunction with the launch.

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