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Who We Are 

"Being Understood is Empowering"

We are passionate about helping others communicate in any languageThis is a business about people helping people. This is a business about total and complete client and employee satisfaction as together we serve the Limited English Proficient and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities.

We are a business that is passionate about communication amongst all people regardless of language, country of origin, or circumstance. We believe that communication is the first step to understanding. When we are understood we are empowered to exceed even our own expectations.


LanguageLine Manifesto

We are fanatical about people understanding people. We strive to improve the world and empower relationships one word at a time. Our clients, colleagues, and the communities we serve together are our inspiration and the key to success. Excellence is our non-compromising obligation. We learn from each other and are enriched by the diversity of people, thought, and culture. We are united in our differences. We are passionate about seeing people smile when they are understood and are committed to innovation to create more smiles. We make a difference in people’s lives every day. We help to ensure justice, save lives, welcome newborns, and build futures. This is the experience we live for.

Our Mission:  

To enable communication and empower relationships.

Our Vision: 

To be the worlds’ leading language solutions company providing total and complete client satisfaction every day.

Our Core Values:

We hold these values dear:

  • Integrity
    We honor our commitments and are transparent in all we say and do. We are trustworthy.
  • Innovation 
    We are passionately creative. We are the industry leader.
  •  Excellence 
    We exceed expectations. Good enough is not enough. We are committed.
  • Tolerance  
    We act and listen intently, considering different points of view. We are respectful.

    This is LanguageLine. We are honored to serve!

    We deliver the highest quality interpreters in more than 240 languages.

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