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Every organization in North America comes in contact with customers who are limited-English proficient. As opposed to working with interpreters from an outside language-services company, you may prefer to interact with these customers through your own in-house interpreters or bilingual staff. But how can you ensure that your employees’ language skills meet necessary requirements?

LanguageLine® Testing and Training℠ solves this challenge. We test and train your bilingual staff, in-house interpreters, and candidates for hire. This allows you to ensure quality, maximize revenue, and increase efficiency.

interpreter testing and training for fluency and compliance

Tests delivered annually


Quality assessments provided annually

5 days

Turnaround for test scores


Test languages

The LanguageLine Solutions® difference

Test results in five days.

Quick turnaround

Our process is highly efficient, as we provide test results within five working days

Experience you can depend on.

Unmatched experience

Our team has more than a century of combined experience providing training

Testing in 50 different languages.

Language breadth

LanguageLine is able to test in-house interpreters and bilingual staff in 50 languages

The support you need anytime.

Round-the-clock support

You are never alone in your testing and training program. LanguageLine delivers 24/7 support.

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