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Affordable Language Services for all Industries


Our Experience Runs Deep Across Diverse Industries

Your Trusted Partner

Speaking the language of the people you serve and understanding cultural nuances makes a world of difference.  By bridging language barriers with professional affordable language services, over 28,000 Health Care, Government and Business organizations have made LanguageLine Solutions their trusted partner for more than three decades.  No other language access provider can match our depth, breadth or length of experience.

Serving Our Clients

We develop quality language solutions that meet the needs of organizations providing critical services that impact health, wealth, commerce and fundamental rights. We design solutions to overcome language and cultural barriers wherever organizations face challenges including:

  •     Contact center translation
  •     Websites
  •     Public offices
  •     Global business / eCommerce
  •     Retail settings
  •     Bilingual staff development
  •     Software/apps
  •     Kiosks/ATMs
  •     Field personnel
  •     Multimedia/video
  •     Multicultural marketing
  •     IVR recordings
  •     Written documents, forms
  •     Business meetings
  •     eLearning/training

Secure, Professional Language Services

We’ve learned the languages of the organizations we support, and ensure that our language interpreters and translators are ready to assist when you need them.  

Stringent language testing and training with industry-specific curriculum and ongoing quality assurance guarantees that your communication is concise, accurate and secure.

We improve communication at every customer touch point, ensuring language services in more than 240 languages and American Sign Language. Whether you need support with document translation services and localization or interpreter services, including over-the-phone, video remote, onsite, we have you covered. We are also able to test and train your bilingual and interpreter staff.

We facilitate over 38 million interactions every year.  That’s a new human connection every second.

Explore the full spectrum of language access services available for your health care, government, or business entity.

The Industries We Serve

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