Glendale (Calif.) is a culturally rich city. It has a significant immigrant population, 52% of the city’s residents born outside the United States. 

Glendale is taking critical steps to establish that its police force can serve all citizens effectively and empathetically. This initiative not only enhances the Glendale police department’s operational capabilities but also strengthens trust and builds deeper connections within the city’s diverse communities.

LanguageLine is proud to partner with the Glendale police department to keep the community safe.

Maroni Mendez, public information officer for the Glendale Police Department, explained that officers enjoy the simplicity of LanguageLine’s interpretation solution. 

Officers save the LanguageLine number on their department phones, dial it, and provide a code specific to their department. The service promptly connects them to a linguist after identifying the required language. 

“It’s important because the victim or the person we’re speaking to, even if it’s a suspect, can receive information or get asked questions in their own native tongue and reply in their own native language,” Mendez said. “And then the linguist interprets that information to us and we can definitely get down to further details as to what occurred, what they need, and how we can help them. … So, this is definitely a big help and a good service.”

Mendez also praised LanguageLine’s 24/7 availability, which he said significantly aids in operations requiring immediate communication assistance. He also pointed out the crucial role of the service in fostering trust between the police and the community. 

“It’s very important that they have trust in the police and I think through the service they can verify that trust in their own language,” Mendez said.

Aside from Spanish, Armenian is the most common non-English language spoken at home in Glendale.

Mendez, who previously served as a patrol officer for seven years primarily during graveyard shifts, says he frequently utilized LanguageLine’s services.

“Every instance I had to use it, it was very beneficial and helpful,” Mendez said.

Streamlined Process for Effective Communication

LanguageLine is fortunate to partner with hundreds of public safety agencies and 911 call centers throughout North America, providing on-demand, professional interpretation in over 240 languages, including American Sign Language. With increasing frequency, police departments are installing the LanguageLine app on wireless devices, giving officers one-touch access to real-time, professional interpretation.

Additionally, LanguageLine provides comprehensive translation services for all written content for public safety agencies, ensuring clarity and precision in communication across all mediums.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Services and Language Options

The partnership between the City of Glendale and LanguageLine continues to play a major role in effective community policing and service delivery. Our service ensures that no linguistic barriers hinder the vital interactions between safety officers and the community. 

Interested in learning more about how LanguageLine can enhance safety in your community? We invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our language experts. 

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