LanguageLine Connect enables you to take the complexity out of translation workflows

Translation processes and the Translation Management System technology that supports them are often complex, inflexible and error-prone. But it doesn’t need to be this way – marketing and localization professionals now have an easier option.

LanguageLine has reimagined translation from our clients’ perspective, embedding multilingual automation directly in your content systems and business applications. This simplifies your role to a 1-step “click-and-connect” task – enabling you to easily send any content to your translation agency of choice. Best of all, LanguageLine Connect makes the complex simple, removes human error, and reduces cost and turnaround time for your organization.

Technology working for you

The technology that powers LanguageLine Connect provides software and services for content migrations from virtually every content management platform, including CMS, PIM, DAM, and ECM systems. This experience enables us to look differently at translation workflows, by taking out unnecessary steps, simplifying your tasks, and building out-of-the-box connectors, we streamline the translation roundtrip by connecting your CMS (or any content management platform) directly to our LanguageLine translation platform.

Connect graphic

All you need to do is log into your CMS platform, select “content and automation criteria” and the content. Your content - in any format, from any system – is on its way to us and, when we complete your translation, it will be routed back directly to their originating content management system. It’s that easy.

Get projects translated is as easy as the click of a button

It’s easy to get started: no coding is needed, and we have 50+ CMS connectors for free. Choose from any out-of-the-box connectors below or check here for our list of CMS connectors: