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OnSite Interpreting

Dependable Delivery of Face-to-Face Onsite Interpreting

In-person Interpreting Provides Effective Communication


As an integral part of our family of solutions, LanguageLine® OnSite℠, also known as Fluent Language Solutions, is designed to support facilities that have an ongoing need for dependable face-to-face interpretation in American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken languages.

Our trained professional interpreters can be scheduled by appointment and in emergency same-day situations. Improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk, and meet government regulations with the highest-quality onsite interpreting for compassionate and supportive communication.


OnSite is preferred in situations involving:

  • High interaction, such as multiple participants or less structured turn-taking.
  • Communications that are of a sensitive nature.
  • A complex dialogue exchange, such as abstract philosophical interchanges or dialogue with veiled intentions or multiple meanings.
  • Young children and those who have underdeveloped language skills or who use idiosyncratic language patterns.
  • Individuals with a secondary disability (i.e. low vision) that impedes their ability to utilize technology.
  • The fulfillment of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990.

 To schedule an assignment or to inquire about your onsite account, please call (888) 225-6056.

A Partnership to Meet Your Unique Needs

Number 3 largest global onsite provider of onsite interpreting.As the world's third largest provider of onsite interpreting, we are committed to creating a reliable, customized onsite solution that satisfies your specific on-going and long-term requirements for the very best onsite interpretation sessions. We are the only provider that has the resources to meet onsite interpreting requests across the entire U.S., saving you time and expense while increasing your productivity. Trust us to deliver the highest-quality interpreters in every encounter so you can ensure your customer’s satisfaction.

Unprecedented Interpreter Quality and On-going Monitoring

What truly distinguishes LanguageLine OnSite is our dedication to quality. We maintain a staff of interpreter managers whose chief responsibility is to recruit, hire, mentor and supervise all onsite interpreters, conducting announced and unannounced observations of assignments. This level of supervision is unprecedented in our industry. We fill every assignment with quality interpreters for an exceptional level of commitment, response, and dependability.

  • ASL interpreters maintain a relevant certification and the appropriate state license, as well as completion of an interpreter training program and a two-year degree in a related field.
  • Our interpreters sign a Confidentiality Agreement and an Interpreter Code of Ethics that guarantees that the privacy and security of your customer’s sensitive information is handled with the utmost care.
  • Interpreter assignment is culturally sensitive – the gender and dialect of the interpreter can be specified.
  • We select only the very best, experienced interpreters.

To schedule an assignment or to inquire about your onsite account, please call (888) 225-6056.

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