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The most valuable human communication is complex by nature. There are certain instances in which there is no substitute for having an interpreter physically present.

More than 130,500 times a year, LanguageLine in-person interpreters come to facilities like yours to assist with the most nuanced of conversations. We are proud to help all parties express themselves wholly and equally.

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The advantages of LanguageLine® OnSite℠

As the world's third-largest provider of face-to-face interpreting, we are committed to creating a reliable, customized onsite solution that satisfies your specific requirements, be they short or long term. We are the only provider that has the resources to meet in-person interpreting requests across the entire U.S., saving you time and expense while increasing your productivity.

What truly distinguishes LanguageLine OnSite is our dedication to quality. We maintain a staff of interpreter managers whose chief responsibility is to recruit, hire, mentor and supervise all onsite interpreters, conducting announced and unannounced observations of assignments. This level of supervision is unprecedented in our industry.

We pride ourselves on being exceptionally responsive and dependable. To schedule an assignment or to inquire about your onsite account, please call (888) 225-6056.


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My account executive proposed a plan that was robust enough to handle a large healthcare system. In turn, they promised and over-delivered. LanguageLine interpreters are professional, courteous, prompt, competent, and culturally aware. We live with the benefit of knowing they will help us bridge the communication barrier to ensure equal access to health care for all.

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When is in-person interpreting preferred?

complex situations demand onsite interpreting

Different situations call for different interpreting modalities. Having a face-to-face, in-person interpreter physically present is preferred in situations involving:

  • High interaction with multiple participants and unstructured turn-taking
  • Complex, critical, and sensitive situations
  • Young children or those with underdeveloped language skills
  • High use of idiosyncratic language patterns
  • Individuals with a secondary disability (like poor vision) that impedes their ability to utilize technology
  • Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals

The LanguageLine Solutions® difference

Certified ASL Interpreters.

Interpreter quality

All interpreters must meet certification, education, and experience requirements

Onsite interpreters available across the U.S.

Nationwide coverage

Only LanguageLine offers full service in 48 states and the four largest U.S. markets

Online scheduling platform 24/7.

Easy scheduling

Our scheduling system enables online access 24/7

Dependable onsite interpreting.

Unmatched experience

LanguageLine has reliably delivered face-to-face interpretation for more than 29 years

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Improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk, and meet government regulations with supportive communication.

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